Draft Odisha Government Land Settlement (Amendment) Rules, 2020

May 22, 2020 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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Commercial Compliance

The Odisha Revenue and Disaster Management Department, has published Draft Odisha Government Land Settlement (Amendment) Rules, 2020, to further amend the Odisha Government Land Settlement Rules, 1983.

According to the amendment under Schedule IV, in clause 1(g) which defines "Middle class" means families having an income exceeding Rs. 8,400 but not exceeding Rs.30,000 per annum, the word “annum” has been replaced with “or any such higher amount as may be notified by the Government, from time to time’. They have also decided that the committee shall have 5 members being the collector, the director, the director of Industries, vice chairman and addition district magistrate.

Further in clause 9, sub clause (2) which specifies court-fee stampsinstead of “rupees two and paise sixty only” the government has replaced it with “three hundred rupees”. There are changes in the fees prescribed for the freehold of the lease. The application fee is 500, the publication fee is 100 and the measurement fee is 100. They have stated that the conversion fee shall be 25 percent according to the market price of the land.

[Notification No. RDM-LRGEA-STATUT-0001-2019-562]


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