Transforming Secretarial Function in the Digital Age


Company Secretary is a KMP (Key Managerial Personnel) and a trusted advisor of the Board & stakeholders. Also, being the Compliance Officer they are responsible for the organisation-wide compliances including the Company Law compliance.

Companies act requires 661+ compliances and 100+ filings applicable to various types of companies. For Public Listed Companies SEBI regulations like LODR, PIT, etc. add to applicability and complexity. The penal provisions for many of these compliances are high, with imprisonment provisions. Further a non-compliance affects the company’s market reputation greatly; and can create trust issues with the stakeholders and investors.

Given the fluid regulatory environment, and the huge number of amendments, the organizations relying on the traditional, paper-based, and people-dependent methods to manage secretarial function have struggled. The CS fraternity is the one which has waited the most to get a useful digitization support considering the nature of compliance & their operations. Recent technological advancements though are willing to provide a promising solution.

We at Avantis Regtech are proud to have with us three experts from the domain of secretarial functions share their valuable insights and experiences with us on ‘Transforming Secretarial Function in the Digital Age’


Rishi Agrawal

Co-Founder & CEO
Avantis Regtech

Thursday 30th September 2021

3:00pm, IST

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About the Speakers

Manoj Gagvani

Head Legal, CS & Compliance Officer
Future Consumer Ltd

Nikhil Deshpande

Head Legal & CS
Krsna Diagnostics Ltd

Amit Atre

Company Secretary
Persistent Systems Ltd

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