Solutions to the 5 Most Common Roadblocks in Implementing Compliance Management Software

Tuesday Jan 21st, 2020 | 3:00pm IST

Well, 2020 is here! Are you still struggling with Compliance Management in your Organisation?

  • Would you like to never miss a critical Compliance in the New Year?
  • Would you like to stay on top of all Regulatory Updates?
  • Reduce firefighting and frustration in managing your organisation's compliance?

What if there was a digital solution that could give you all the pending and urgent compliance status right on your phone? In addition, you would also receive real time and personalised compliance updates in your email?

Avacom by Avantis Regtech is India's top Compliance automation software loved by some of India's leading Fortune 500 Companies.

In This Webinar We Will Explore:

  • How it helps you plan your digital journey ?
  • How it introduces you to features and capabilities in a Compliance Management software and,
  • How it will help your organisation migrate to a transparent, accountable and timely Compliance Program ?

About the Speaker

Rishi Agrawal

Co-founder - Avantis Regtech Pvt. Ltd.

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